1978 – 2013 before triathlon


Was born on 03.03.

I am Pisces. Chinese sign: Earth Horse. Blood type A+.


I start going to school.


Birth of my little sister.


I start doing judo.


I receive my yellow belt…then quit on the same day !

My parents divorce.


I can do my laces on my own.


My favourite game with my step-dad :

Look at a world map and ask ourselves about each countries’ capital.


In the 6th grade, I choose english as my first foreign language.

The only thing my elementary school teacher mentions on my academic record is : “ Gregory is a very good friend “.

I kiss my first girlfriend.


My best friend is a basket-ball fan.

Me ? I think it’s lame.


As a 2nd foreign language, I pick spanish.

I have long hair, I wear a leather jacket and I listen to heavy-metal.

I watch an NBA basket-ball game and fall in love with this sport. I will give body and soul to it for the next 15 years.

I cut my hair, wear baggies and listen to 2pac and Snoop.


I score 30 pts at every basket-ball game.

I don’t have a girfriend and I am doing the minimum at school.

This is the happiest time of my life.


I fail to graduate from high school.


The wall in front of my desk is covered with motivational post-it notes.

I graduate and get amazing grades.

I go to college, into a sports science program.


I quit college. I want to be a professional basket-ball player and for one year, I give my all to this game.


A year later, I am not a professional player.

Back to reality, I must do my national service but after 4 months, I tear the ACL of my knee.


I am accepted into osteopathic school.


I run the Paris marathon in 3h49.

I run the Marseille-Cassis semi in 1h24.

I run a 10k in Marseille in 37’42’’.


I play basket-ball again. 2nd ACL tear.

Laying down all day long, my brother-in-law makes me discover the Tour de France. He’s cheering for Lance Armstrong. So of course, I am for Jan Ullrich.


I play basket-ball again. 3rd ACL tear.

I don’t play anymore. I am the 12th man but my team wins our 1st College Basketball National title.


I don’t play. I am the statistician but my team wins our 2nd College Basketball National title.

For the 1st time of my life, I go abroad alone (Canada). I don’t know it yet but this trip is about to transform my life.


I don’t play. I am the cameraman but my team wins our 3rd College Basketball National title.

My brother-in-law dies from cancer. So of course, I become a fan of Lance Armstrong.


I wanted to get a tattoo ever since my teenage years. It took me 13 years to find the right design.

This time I play. I am a 6th man and my team wins our 4th College Basketball National title.

My thesis about ACL injuries is awarded the osteopathic thesis of the year award.

I am paid to do Slam poetry.

I graduate from osteopathic school.


I move to Montreal, Canada


Beginning of depression.

I run the Chicago marathon in 3h36.


I work at Montreal’s Olympic stadium clinic. A dream comes true.


I leave Canada.

Move to Tokyo, Japan.

End of depression.

I start studying japanese.

I open my own osteopathic clinic.

I am the very first foreign osteopath ever registered in Japan.


I run the Tokyo marathon in 5h49.

9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

Goodbye Tokyo.

Move to Canmore, Canada

I quit osteopathy.

I leave Canmore.

I move to Sapporo, Japon.

I am an english teacher.


Sayonara Sapporo.

Go back to France where I work as a translator/interpreter.

1st translating job for the 2012 London Olympics. Lucky!

1st interpreting job for the United Nations. Lucky!


I leave France.

Move to Rome, Italy

I win a public speaking contest, in Milan.

I write my first book.

Departure for Singapore, looking for a job.

Drops a hundred résumés but only manage to find one job, the one my heart’s telling to follow : professional triathlete.

Creation of this blog.


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