Training camp in Singapore


Open-water swim on Tanjong Beach, with French Ironman pro, Benjamin Sanson (white suit)

It’s now been 44 days since I arrived in Singapore : the Garden City. Everyday people ask me how long I have been here so I am able to keep my answer pretty accurate.

Just like many other expats, I came here to find a job, get a work visa stamped on my passport (by the way, I got my new one today !), get a stable income, fall in love with a Singaporean lady and make half-Frenchie, half-Asian babies.

The first step of my plan was to answer online job ads. I must have sent hundreds of resumes even though God knows how picky I am now when it comes to choose my future job ! Then I got in touch with a lot of people, all decided to help me in my endeavours and forward my resume to other connections and companies I was interested in. One thing where you can’t blame Singaporeans, « Networking » is in their blood ! Tell them you’re looking for a job in whatever industry and their first thought automatically, invariably is « Who do I know ? Who can I introduce him to ? » But despite all these efforts, the golden opportunity still seem to be around the corner.

So I enjoyed this time to train…a little more than usual…no, actually, I spent all my time training. When it comes to get some work-out done, Singapore is a great town. Its facilities are awesome! All in one place, you can enjoy an olympic size pool (all for yourself), a gym and a bran new track. So new that the flooring still makes you bounce at each of your strides. It is awesome. When I come to the pool, a new water lane is set up. “Sir, would you want to swim there?” Then when I leave the pool, a kid looks at me with big eyes “Sir…are you a swimmer?” This is how I met Djaiimila from the Maldives…by the way, I must remember. He asked me to add him on Facebook 😉

I just finished a 31 hour training week. I am like a fish in the ocean. Sure my fins are a bit rusty…but nevertheless, I am in my element.

When you train 2-3 times a day, you always focus on the “now” and the “just after”. Even when I beat my best times, I quickly forget what I did in the morning. However, from time to time, exists a moment of calm where I realize what I am doing and how much I am using a part of my potential that so far, was unknown to me. There, I smile, walk a bit slower and feel immensely proud. It is usually in those moments that my happiest thoughts are born.

About 2 weeks ago, coming from a work-out, all of a sudden, I told myself: “Man, hold onI already have a jobI am a professional triathleteI don’t want any other job”

I don’t remember which motivational speaker said something like: “When your dream is hard to reach and that you fail trying to reach it…it’s not the dream that you should change, it’s the plan!” I spent so many years changing my goals, thinking my purpose was more this, more that…all because “my” plan wasn’t the right one. But this was a mistake. You don’t change your dream. You change the plan.

And there a light bulbe went on in my head. The dream is to be a professional triathlete. There is no changing it. The first step is to work on a good plan. The second is to improve the plan from the first step. The third step? Improve that same planagain and again.

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