The world’s most beautiful landscape


Last night was the end of a cycle, so to speak.Ever since I got to Singapore, every Wednesday night is “Track Attack”! I am running with Coach Shem and a group of about 20 other runners on the track of the National University of Singapore.

In addition to our crew, there must also be 5 or 6 other groups there, including one with disabled athletes. I had already seen athletes in wheelchair before but here was the first time, I could see with my own eyes one with an iron leg or one with a paralyzed arm. It feels “special” to see this. And I feel this special thing every Wednesday night when I see them. There you realize that nevermind if you run your 400 in 93 or 96 seconds…it’s kind of amazing to have 4 limbs and do whatever you want with it.

I would have wanted to talk to them and ask them questions. The way the see Life and Sport must be so different and interesting. I mean, I guess.

This week-end is the annual Standard Chartered Singapore marathon. Therefore, last night, was 2013’s last track session.

From time to time, people ask me what is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I usually answer Lake Louise as it is the first postcard landscape I have seen with my own eyes. Then when I am asked this same question a week later and I feel I must modify my answer, I reply Zion National Park.

In September 2013, I was at my friend Jeremy’s place. He is an interpreter, living in a lost village, 30k outside of Geneva, on the French side. I told him I wanted to go for a run so he took me to a “hill”. There, in front of me was a beautiful view of Geneva and the Lake Leman while behind was the Mont-Blanc. He was pressuring me on how beautiful it was so I now have no choice but to include this view in my top 5!

Last night, the interval sets on the menu was a few 800’s, a few 400’s and a few 200’s. A lot of variety. Usually, during those intervals, I am in 3rd or 4th position. But last night, I don’t know if it is luck or the fruit of my training, but for 300m, I was in first place.

It was the first time I was leading a group of runners.

What I felt then surprised me…because I realized that being first feels totally awesome! I wasn’t expecting to feel anything. You know, I am just running all I have and don’t think too much…but yes, when you’re in first place, the view is beautiful: there is no one (that you can see 😉

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