A surprising Saturday

This open-water session turned out better than I thought! Each cycle of my right arm made me feel like I was in control of the sea!

Actually no! This open-water session turned out to be harder than I thought since it took me 40 minutes (instead of 32) to swallow 1500 meters. Alright, I knew I would drink a bit of salty water but I forgot about the waves! On the other end, there were some small things under the water. My buddies call that “sea bugs” and after one sting on the side and the cheek, it’s kind of a pain!

I don’t even know. Do we have that in Europe?

The Pilates session was really cool. In my ideal training program, there would be 3 sessions per week. It’s really interesting because you must pay attention to the range, the control and the precision of your movements…while focusing on your breathing. Whereas speed and strength are the main focus during the usual cardio sessions.

This afternoon, I felt tired like crazy so I stood my “5pm friends” up. And since Life is beautifully designed, my “8pm friends” stood me up too! 😉 Here, it reminds me that Singaporeans have a funny expression to say “don’t stand me up”. They say “don’t fly me aeroplane”! 😉

The conclusion of this double aeroplane was that I ended in a “hawker centre”, the Singaporean equivalent of a food court, with a plate of cantonese rice and a cup of tea with milk, which reminded me of when I was 8 🙂

2013-11-30 22.20.05Last but not least, there I learnt that tomorrow would be the very first day of business of a new stall: Yong Tau Foo!

Apparently, according to the picture, they seem to be ready for an all-night meeting.

Long live Yong Tau Foo!

OK…now there are 2 persons, mopping the floor just around my seat. In Chinese, I think it means “get the **** out” 😉

Tomorrow, easy 8k jog + 4k at 14kph. E bella la vita, no?

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