The 2013 Singapore Marathon

First week-end of December in Singapore = the main event! Yes, there was the inaugural day of the Netball Nations Cup but no, the competition that was on everybody’s lips was THE marathon.

There are many running races in Singapore. Each time I go to the gym to ride the indoor bike or lift some weights, I can see guys wearing shirts from many different races: the sundown marathon, the king of the road…etc

Every time I see a guy in good shape wearing such a shirt, I go talk to him in order to get a few advice to  improve my strengthening program. The conversation usually goes like this:

Greg “Hey, you’ve done this race?”

Other Guy “Well no…my cousin gave me this shirt!”

Too bad for the advice 😉

Singaporeans are really proud of their marathon. So proud that many of them participate…without any training whatsoever, just for the prestige of finishing it. Never, us white people, would do that! 😉

Allan, the personal instructor working at my gym, did exactly this last year! He finished the race in 8 hours!! Want to guess his strategy for this year? The same! No training again. I am seeing Allan tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to have his feedback!

Back in 2011, I had registered for the Tokyo marathon. Unfortunately, I caught a pneumonia which cut my preparation short and left me lying down in my bed, coughing for a month. However, 3 days before the race; and looking at the excitement in town, I had decided to run the race, applying “Allan’s strategy”…just for fun and the experience.

Conclusion, I crossed the finish line 5 hours and 49 minutes after the start. Want my opinion? Allan’s strategy ain’t the best! 😉

The only advantage of this experience is that I suffered so much that now, everytime I picture myself running an eventual race in Tokyo…I can’t think of anything but beating a world record! V for Vendetta! Yes, Tokyo and I have some unfinished business.

Once again, Singaporeans are proud of their marathon. When crossing the finish line, they are given the official “finisher” tee-shirt. It is so precious that some people sell it later on! Next time I see a guy wearing it at the gym, you can be sure I know where he got it from! 😉

To witness a marathon’s atmosphere is something amazing. Thank God I am currently training like crazy and I know that great things awaits for me, otherwise I would have had so many regrets looking at this.

I have friends who don’t run. The most frequent excuse is “running like that, for no reason, without a purpose, I can’t help it, I am bored”

I had ran the 2008 Chicago marathon with one of my ex. She compared it with giving birth to a child. 9 months of preparation and an ending filled with pain and intense joy.

I forgot 99% of the jogs I ever ran (but still remember a Sunday morning at 7am in NYC, with Times Square all for myself!) and probably 50% of the 10k races I participated in. However, I remember tenths of details about the 3 marathons I finished, all filled with incredible feelings.

It was in the summer of 2000 that Thierry, a marathoner friend of my parents came to our house and started making me dream (he shouldn’t had!) with stories from the New-York marathon. Even though I had never been involved in any races at that time and I was still in rehab from a knee surgery, I asked him “And me? Do you think I could run a marathon?” He replied “Yes…” and 8 months later, I was crossing the Paris marathon’s finish line, the first 42.195k of my life. The next day, I woke up around 9am, went to the bathroom, saw my marathoner’s face in the mirror and told myself, for one of the first time in my life “Damn, I am so beautiful” 🙂

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