A look back at JANUARY – Week #4.1

No Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday this week. This is January’s last, so it’s time to look back at my goals for the year and evaluate objectively if my new habits will take me there or not.

Goal #1 for 2014 : To be in the greatest health I can be

In January, I meditated 30 days. Between 30′ and 34′ per day. To evaluate the benefits of meditation is always hard. Yes, it feels like my stomach is not as painful and yes, I feel like I have more moments of calm and where my ideas are clearer. It feels like meditation is like a good warm bath. It feels good right now but still you need one every day. Verdict: Keep on and do more.

I switched vegan. My instinct tells that mid or long-term, results will be phenomenal. I think this too helped reduce my stomach pain. I also lost weights. I don’t feel like napping in the afternoon anymore. I look younger. Verdict: Keep going until the end of my life.

I went to the Doctor. She prescribed an MRI for my leg. It’s a progress for me because I’ve always had the damn tendency to try to heal myself and make my own diagnosis myself. The problem when doing so is that it’s soooooo tiring for your nerves! So here is one lesson for the next time I injure myself: 5′ after the start of the injury, I am at the Doc. No more being nervous because of that.


My anxiety is more or less still the same. Neither meditation or my diet or my sleep seems to influence it. I even think I felt better last week even though I slept only 5h58 per night on average, versus 8h45 this week.

My nose started to bleed again. It has been bleeding throughout my whole life but last year, in Rome and Singapore, no blood for 8 months. So there must be something unhealthy I am doing right now.

Goal #2 for 2014 : To be a professional triathlete.

Despite my injury and my inactivity, I still have faith in it. I think it is a huge improvement! In 2012, I had an anaemia. I took a month off and then gave up all physical activities for a year. Verdict: Invincible faith.

This month, I got a 3rd sponsor : Cervélo 🙂

I am still as faithful to my blog and I write every day. I am really impressing myself on this one.

To achieve something unbelievable, you need an unbelievable team. This week, the encouragements I received from you are once again unreal (thank you Tony G. and Nick W., this week, you two were the best! 😉


I recently saw the picture below. It says you need 3 ingredients to become a professional triathlete: speed, personality and…the X-factor.


I only miss a bit of speed, I guess. Damn, I want to go back to training so bad.

Goal #3 for 2014 – To be in the triathlon France National Team

I signed with a triathlon team. It’s in 1st division 🙂

I noticed that the French Nationals will be held in Nice, late September. Marked down on my calendar.


I want to train again, pleeeeeeeease!

Goal #4 for 2014 – To be in stable loving relationship

I signed up with an online dating thingy…;-) 😉 nah, nah, I’m not there yet. Still letting myself glide through countries and adventures, I will see who it takes me to.

Goal #5 for 2014 – Live in a beautiful place

I’ve been asked lately about where I would want to go this year, travelling and stuff.

I kind of surprise myself because even though I didn’t put a lot of thought into WHERE I actually want to go, I always give the same answer: New-Zealand, Australia. Guess the heart knows.

Goal #6 for 2014 – To take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

In January, I studied Japanese 31 days out of 31. And I am so proud of this. IMG_0340

Want my secret? It’s this sheet on the right. Yup.

You can see the date of each day. You can also see my weight (first thing I do after I wake up). You can see a circled M. It means I meditated. You can see a red dot which means I studied Japanese 🙂 My friend Alice who wants to learn Croatian, told me she started the same sheet and draws a “smile” every day after studying 🙂

On a few days, it happened that I had not yet studied at 10pm. But every time, looking at this incredible sequence of red spots, I thought: “No, no way this sequence is ending tonight!”. So I would study until 10:30pm.

You know there are different types of memories: visual, auditive, kinaesthetic and maybe a few more.

I have a kinesthetic memory. It means that if I “do” something, it’s 90% learnt. For example, if a japanese voice says: “when does the plane take off?”, I will hear it and probably forget it the next day. If I read a japanese booklet which says the same sentence, I may remember it for 2 days. But if I am at the airport and I take this knowledge and put it in physical application right the way, it’s learnt for ever (more or less)! Going back to the sheet, sometimes, only the upcoming “pleasure” of drawing that big red dot was enough to make me want to study japanese 🙂

I tried different tools to keep track of what I do; online (Lift) or on my phone, but each time, it’s a pain to turn on the computer just to click something. But with this paper sheet, it’s magical.

If I had to speak japanese right now, I would feel confident, thanks to these tiny 30 minutes of daily study. I am not 100% sure my level actually improved during this month. But my confidence did. If I keep this pace, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December is gonna be a walk in the park.

To finish, 2 great news this week: first, earlier this week, I launched my running coaching business and today, I am flying to Venice. Talk to you soon. Live from Italy 🙂

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