M.R.I. – Week #4.4

Welcome to another week, still no training but with a great program:

Monday: New nutritional challenge. Tuesday: The Rio Olympics. Wednesday: What I want for my birthday. Thursday: My injury Episode 1. Friday: My injury Episode 2. Saturday: My new shoes and a great encounter. Sunday: Verdict of my nutritional challenge.


This week, I am up against a new challenge: to not eat any useless sugary stupid stuff!

When it comes to my diet, I have a sweet tooth for…well, sweets. That saying was probably created by the nurses of the hospital where I was born 😉 Cakes, biscuits, toasts with honey, jam or almond puree. If I am in a period where I do a lot of computer work and do not feel like cooking, I can survive 3 or 4 days eating just these useless sugars.

My 2nd weakness is that I seem to believe that eating organic biscuits gives me the right to eat one packet per day! I want to know once and for all what is the true influence of those useless sugary stuff on my health in general and on my mood and my fat percentage in particular.

As I told you, I seem to feel more depressed after eating a bunch of sugary stuff but the problem is that I don’t know exactly which food is to blame. When it comes to my weight, I noticed, since January 1st that my weight goes up and down between 70 and 73kgs, depending on what I eat. So far, this makes sense. However, my fat percentage stays up between 13.5 and 14%. It does exactly what it wants. Even if my weight go down, my fat percentage can go up. I must resolve this mystery.

So this week, I will avoid all those useless sugary stuff but I will apply a no-limit policy on healthier sugars such as fruits, dry fruits, berries, almonds and nuts. If you want to know the verdict of this experiment, go straight to Sunday. I won’t talk about it before!

Today is also a big day since it is my 100th straight day without eating at Mac Donald’s or any other fast-food 🙂

I once heard Ray Allen, American pro basket-ball player, best 3point-shooter in the history of the NBA, said that he didn’t have a cheese-burger since he was 19 years old. When you see the longevity of his career, the question about nutrition is worth raising.

I even don’t feel like counting the days of my Mac Donald’s abstinence anymore, as I feel that this change is deeply anchored inside of me. I never think about it and I never feel like or think about eating a burger. When I drove back from Venice with my mom, it was 11pm, we were on the highway and we both had a craving at the same time: “Next rest area, we stop!”

Next area, of course….a Mac Donald. But there, at the very second where I saw the yellow M, I thought to myself: “No, rather die than eat there”.


The Rio Olympics starts in 900 days! 2016 may seem near but 900 days! Do you imagine what you can do, who you can become if you focus on something for 900 days!?

900 days ago, I was an osteopath, living in Canada. Ever since, I did 3 or 4 different jobs and lived in 3 different countries. If you were to tell me today: “Greg, within the next 900 days, before August 2016, you will do these 3 jobs and you will live in these 3 countries”, I would laugh my a** off. I would laugh but I would love it to be true!

There is a quote, in this domain, that I particularly like:

” Human beings over-estimate what they can do in one day but they under-estimate what they can do in one life”

900 days, come on! What would you like to do in 900 days? Come on, give a comment! 🙂


In 12 days, on March 3rd, it’ll be my birthday. This year, no need to send me any Facebook wishes or emails, I want postcards! 🙂 I am transforming the decoration in my office. There will be a world map, an orange wall and with your postcard around it, that’ll look awesome! Here is my postal address:

M. Grégory Berge

2 impasse Jules Claverie

13920 Saint Mitre les remparts


Thanks 🙂


This morning, I went for my M.R.I. Results will be available on Saturday. I learnt something important going through this injury. I used to be an osteopath before and I developed the bad tendency to make my own diagnosis, build my own treatment and not heal myself. When you are an athlete, it’s a mistake. The good attitude is to go see a doctor, a therapist right after your injury. Let them do the diagnosis, let them give you treatment options and most especially, let them work their brains out with your injury.

In fact, by making my own diagnosis and letting time fly, I wasted an unbelievable amount of energy in questioning my own diagnosis, going over the days before the injury and doubting again and again. Yes, to go see a doctor, an osteo, a physio, get an X-ray or a scan costs money…but that’s the price of your serenity, your mood, your peace of mind.

in 2011, I used to live in Canada. I was coming off depression and I went to see a therapist. She asked me lots of questions, and also about my apartment. I told her it was super cheap but that my roommate was a bitch. She then told me a lesson her own mother taught her: “If it’s cheap, you have to pay”.

My rent was really cheap, therefore I had to pay by dealing with my roommate’s anger. After my injury, I didn’t pay anything for my treatment, so instead I paid with my mental ressources.

You choose. You can pay with money or you can pay with yourself.

Believe me, therapists are paid to think deeply about your injury. Give them your money and save your own spirit. You will only be better off.


Screenshot 2014-02-21 15.45.29

Actually, the M.R.I.’s results showed up today! Verdict: inflammation and oedema at the Achilees tendon’s calcaneus insertion. No stress fracture. No partial tear of the Achilles tendon. No nothing! If you don’t have the immense privilege of being able to read an M.R.I., here’s your first lesson.

The big roundy shape in the middle is the calcaneus, the bone of your heel. The grey straight and thin line that goes up, in the back, is the Achilees tendon. Between each there is a kinda-round kinda-white shape, that’s the inflammation.

Yes it is good news but it also means I have to dig deeper to find out the origin of this inflammation. I started to think BUT I stopped right the way because as I just told you, doctors are the ones paid to figure out what’s wrong with my leg, not me!

15′ later, I went to a sports doctor. I got to his office. The waiting room was empty. Good start. Not even the time to sit down, the doctor opens his door and says goodbye to his patient. I believe the doctor saw me with the security cam and thought: “Oh My! Gregory Berge is in my office! Every body’s gotta get out!” 😉 ah ah

I tell him my story. He asks a few questions. I answer. He looks at the M.R.I.’s results and then tells me to go lay down on his examination table. There, he twists my ankle left and right. “Is it painful here? And there? Painful?”…”Okay, I am going to check something, the ankle might be blocked”…”Relax and take a deep breath…” and CRACK, CRACK, CRACK.

“Alright, let’s wait 48 hours. In 48 hours, go for a run. If it’s still painful, come back. If it’s not, perfect”.

“What? is that it?!”

There I started laughing out loud, thinking: “Man, I burned my nerves out for 2 months with this and all it needed was a crack!?” 😉

For my osteopath friends, all I had was a dysfunction of the sub-tallar joint. The doc thinks such dysfunction can occur in a very usual manner during a work-out, that the fatigue from the Singapore-France flight (3 days before the injury) and my shoes (2 years old) may have been triggers. According to him, a marathon runner must change shoes every 3 months whereas a guy who runs 4-5 times a week like me, every 6 months.

Conclusion, new shoes on Saturday morning, easy run on Monday morning and Monday night, you know it, I’ll be either depressed or super “Happy” 🙂


New shoes this morning and watching the Olympic with my family this afternoon, hard to have a better program! Here are my new kicks: Asics Noosa Tri 8.

They just feel really good inside. They weight 275g. The tongue is threaded to the inside of the shoe so that it doesn’t slide sideways. Last but not least, you know my #1 criteria when I choose shoes: If you wanna perform like a super-hero, you need super-hero shoes! These ones definitely fit the part.

I bought them at a shop in Aix-en-Provence. There, I met Tony Martins, the owner, who has been holding the 10.000 meter France record since 1992 !

“How fast?”, I asked him, thinking he was going to answer 30′ something or 29′ 30 at best.


!!!!!!!!!!!! What !!!!!!!!!!! 27’22 is just a crazy insane time ; only 65 seconds slower than the current world record set by Kenenisa Bekele. I started talking with Tony about running and it was just awesome. He told me lots of details and cool stories. Promise, I will interview him soon.

Talking with him confirmed what I think deep inside.

I am persuaded there is no such thing as shy or introverted people. I considered myself “shy” for a long time and when I see the passion I show now, sorry but it just makes me smile.

To me, someone introverted or shy, is someone who’s been asked for a long time about stuff he’s not interested in. Period. If you talk to me about politics, I’ll nod, say “Mmm yes…” and when you’re done, I’ll pray that you change topic. And if you don’t change topic for 10 or 20 years, then yeah, I’ll definitely grow up being super introverted. But if I step in a room and talk about change, new habits, personal development, real-life decisions, motivation, achievements, innovation, nutrition, creation, I become mad! I speak fast, loud, I make gestures, I don’t stop and if you try to speak, I am so excited I might even cut you off! 😉

Introverted? Please.

When I spoke to Tony about running, he spoke non-stop for 5 minutes wearing a great smile. In my opinion, he was born to run. If you want to know what you were born to do, ask yourself: “What topic do I need to talk about in order to become all excited?”

Olivier, one of my best friends, is an osteopath. But he is also a huge fan of an American football team: the New-England Patriots. As the president of this team’s French fan-club, he was once interviewed by a Canadian radio. And there, I didn’t recognize my buddy’s voice. It was the voice of someone passionate, the voice of an expert, the voice of a man I would listen to for hours.

What do you like to talk about the most? That’s it, you found it?

Now you need to find a way to make money doing this.

Tonight, I was reading an article about my Chinese zodiac sign (Horse) and there was a section titled “ideal job”. The answer?


If I can make myself pay to do triathlons, why couldn’t you be paid to do what you love the most? Why?


This is it. It’s time for the verdict of this week’s nutritional challenge: no useless sugar but no limit on fruits and dry fruits.

I started this challenge last Saturday so it’s now been 9 days.

To become vegan was easy. It was easy to stop eating meat, fish and eggs. No bad feelings. Only small positive signs. All happened naturally.

However, during those 9 days, I felt like I was in rehab! I swear! Yes, I held on but it wasn’t easy at all.

I happened to go through 2 phases:

  • a 6 day-“kock you down” phase:
    • back ache since Day 2
    • bad dreams
    • needed to sleep 10 hours per day
    • morning blues
    • and a pimple right at the top of my nose!! I never have pimples there!!
  • Then a 3 day-“detox” phase (that is still in process):
    • throat ache
    • fever
    • sneezing
    • unable to sleep more than 7 hours a night

During that week, I kept my usual vegan diet but also ate about 10 fruits per day (I currently fuel on pineapple, mango, orange, banana, pear and apple) and some almonds, nuts, berries, figs and dates for snacks. To eat 10 fruits per day may sound insane but when you have no other alternatives, believe me, it becomes super easy to devour 4 fruits, just for breakfast.

My instinct tells me this “diet” has a good impact on my health. Therefore, I think I will continue for one more week. I am really eager to discover how my body is going to react. Just to remind you, I did this diet to see if it could stabilize my mood and have an influence on my fat percentage.

Here are the positive conclusions of this experiment:

  • My mood was quite stable this week.
    • However, it already happened to me before so I’ll wait to be super happy or super peaceful for a longer time before taking any conclusions.
  • My fat percentage and my weight went down together, harmoniously, whereas before, my weight could drop and my fat percentage go up!
  • Lastly, of course my abs are now even more cut! 🙂

In 9 days, my weight went from 71.4 to 70kgs and my fat percentage from 14.4 to 13.9%.

You can notice that if losing weight is your goal, you can go for this challenge, avoid stupid sugars and fill your body with fruits and dry fruits. To lose weight was not my goal but I still lost 1.4kg.

Next week, back to training, hopefully…fingers crossed.

Liked this post? Then you know what to do 🙂 Comment, Share, Like, Follow, Subscribe…

Show the change. Be the best athlete you can be. Peace.

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