Look back at FEBRUARY – Week #5.1

Last week of February. Can’t believe those 2 winter months are already gone. This is the first week of March, which is of course my favorite month of the year as this is the occasion to celebrate the day I was born. Sometimes, people tell me they don’t celebrate birthdays anymore. You grew up too fast boys…

Anyway, you know the deal, no “monday, tuesday, wednesday” this week as it is the time to look back at this last month and check if I am on track to achieve my 2014 goals. Am I getting closer or not? Is it for real or not? 

Goal #1 for 2014 : To be in the greatest health I can be

Nutritional level:

  • Still vegan (except those few days in Venice where I ate everything I could find! 😉 )
  • It is now 14 straight days with no useless sugary stuff, you know, my current nutritional challenge.
  • I am done reading Brendan Brazier’s “Thrive”

Spiritual level:

  • In terms of meditation, I have been quite irregular this month. Probably meditated around 5 times.
  • No spiritual read.
  • I had 2 or 3 episodes of morning sadness which I believe, were caused by overdoses of sugared foods.

My injury:

  • I am not back to training yet but I went out for a test run twice.
  • I had an M.R.I., went to a sports doctor twice and also saw an osteopath.
  • When injured, I understood I can think about my own case but at the same time, I must also book the necessary appointments with health professionals. Both together make the best possible combination, I believe. It’s important to be aware of your body but having a few appointments booked allows you after a bit of inner-reflection to suddenly stop and still feel confident because you know someone will help you soon.

VERDICT : This morning, for the very first time, I thought to myself: “But hold on greg, you’re already in the best health of your Life. Your #1 goal for 2014, that’s it, it’s already achieved!”. If you asked me how come, I would tell you it’s thanks to the way I eat and the fact that I now put my health in the hands of other professionals. I swear, I am astounded by the results brought by my change of diet. I now weigh 68.5kgs. Simply put, I’ve never been so lean, no, not meager; lean and cut. Usually when I am bare chest, you can see the shape of my pecs, that of my abs but despite the work-outs and past diets there’s always been some kind of fattier part over my lower abs. However, for the last few days or even maybe few hours, my stomach is just flat, flat, flat. Ever since I saw Fight Club 15 years ago, I have this picture of Brad Pitt engraved in my mind. He gets up, mouth full of blood, bare chest. His is not unbelievably muscled but boy, it’s lean, it’s cut, it’s raw. Well, here it is, I got the same torso now.

There is another unbelievable aspect about the way I now eat. My sensation of hunger is 100% different compared to before. Back then, I was 73 kgs and when I got up in the morning, I KNEW that I had to feel this emptiness in my stomach in order to hope having lost a few hundred grams. Today however, I get up in the morning and I am not hungry. I feel my stomach is still full. I weigh 69kgs but no, when I get up on the scale, I realize I am still losing weight. I am telling you, I find this evolution crazy! I promise you, the way we eat makes us sick. My mother and I follow the same kind of diet and some times we look at each other and just say: “Never ever, would I go back to the way we used to eat”. All my life, I experimented and tried products. Each time, I thought: “Well, I feel kinda better but it’s not obvious”. Whereas here, it is. It’s flagrant.

By the way, I didn’t even tell you…it’s been 2 weeks without stupid sugary stuff now and 2 weeks that my mood is healthily stable. I am now even able to wake up in the morning and think that my life is beautiful 🙂

Goal #2 and #3 for 2014 : To be a professional triathlete   &   To be in the triathlon France National Team

This month, still no training. At first you could think that no training = no career as an athlete.

Nevertheless, the voice inside of me has never been louder than now. The fire inside of me is also still burning.

According to me, you need three ingredients to be a professional triathlete: speed, personality and the X-factor.

Last week, I met Tony Martins, current 10k France record-holder in 27’22. This week, while I was out for a 15′ test run, I met a guy who was wearing the official jacket of the France national team. I said “Hi” and then we talked for 30′ about what it takes to deserve such gear, European  Champs and World Champs.

I am getting sharp for the 2014 public speaking contest season. I wrote, what I believe, is a beautiful piece about my triathlon dream. This speech will be tested during the next contest on March 13th.

I have been published on Peaceful Dumpling where I speak about nutrition for athletes.

The reincarnation of my office into a TV studio goes on and the maturation of my motivational video project keeps on growing.

I am not running, indeed, but I have the feeling that all the ingredients, all the pieces of the puzzle “I am Greg, professional triathlete” are coming together.

Goal #4 for 2014 – To be in stable loving relationship

🙂 It’s coming 🙂 My last real relationship was now almost 3 years ago. Despite all my ex’s efforts, the wonderful moments and the lessons learnt, the relationship turned out to be quite painful. When we went apart, I thought: “This will me take 5 years to recover from this relationship”. However, if I saw her today, I could hold her in my arms, look at her and treat her as if she was a little sister. Let me take this second to give you an advice. I spent 10-15 years of my life feeling anger and resentment for my ex’s. BUT HAVING NEGATIVE FEELINGS FOR AN EX IS NOT A SIGN OF WISDOM! Especially for us French people, I don’t know about you non-French friends, I don’t know why, I think we believe we HAVE to be angry at an ex. I believe it’s in us. We believe it’s normal. But I am telling you, this kind of feeling is completely useless. Today, I would be able to say “Hi” and smile to any of the girls who broke my heart, and have an honest and sincere chat. If there is but one level where I am immensely proud of me, this is the one.

I have two friends who were together about 10 years ago. They don’t speak to each other anymore but I still speak to both of them. When I speak with her about “love”, there’s always a point where there’s a spike about him. It’s not digested. When I speak with him about “love”, he’s more secret and if I mention her name, he says: “No, no, I wouldn’t wanna see her”. Your inner-peace is the only reason why it is important to be in peace with an ex. Not indifferent! In peace. It’s different. It’s not to reignite anything. It’s to be in peace with yourself. It’s to go to the next level.

Come on, didn’t I grew up on this level? Do I deserve my new relationship or not? 😉

Goal #5 for 2014 – Live in a beautiful place

What??? This is my 5th goal for the year! I had forgotten! 😉

No major hints, signs or decisions this month even if my heart still beats faster to the sounds of the same syllables: Japan, Singapore, Asia, Australia, New-Zealand…

Goal #6 for 2014 – To take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Mmm I haven’t been really clear with Japanese this month. I must have studied 14 days out of 28. But still, I did complete the beginner level of my online course and have now started the intermediate level 🙂

On one side, I think that just 14 days of studies is short but on the other side, everything else I did concerns my goals that are more important. At the same time, this Japanese test is only my #6 goal. Got to know what you want. Alright, February 2014 is a wrap.

Tomorrow is March 2nd. For my birthday, my mother is taking me somewhere. I don’t even know if it’s in France or abroad. So for the last 3 days, we have been laughing saying: “Next week in Caracas…” or “we’re going 10km away from here, in a hotel with a view of City Hall!” 😉

Tomorrow is March 2nd and I have a thought for my friend and athlete Guillaume S. who’s running the Paris semi-marathon. Last year, he finished it in 1h58. Target time for tomorrow? 1h40.

Alright, let’s finish with one last shot of motivation. Sorry, I can’t refrain myself.

I love Pink’s “Just like a pill” song. At 0’45”, when she sings: “Where I can run…Just as fast as I can”, I stop the song and replay this part:

“Where I can run…Just as fast as I can”. Stop and replay.

“Where I can run…Just as fast as I can”. Stop and replay.

“Where I can run…Just as fast as I can”. Stop and replay.

The pain I have inside comes up, the muscles of my fingers tense up, I cry and I tell myself there is no doubt.

I was born to do this.

This week again. Show the change. Be the highest version of yourself. Be the best athlete you can be. Peace.


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