Paris, France – Week #6.1

2014-03-28 13.57.28

President in 15 years 😉

Dear citizens 😉

When I share my moments of weakness and vulnerability, you know I usually try to be as honest and deep as possible. But this week, I am so happy to write about a topic I only seldomly approach : Happiness.

This week in Paris has been one of the greatest in my life. Therefore I will try to analyze it in order to understand which ingredients I need to be happy.

Ever since the beginning of 2013, I think I can remember 5 different weeks where I was very happy, felt this serenity and had this sensations of being overwhelmed by positive vibes. I will try to compare these 5 weeks between themselves and between my usual lifestyle when I am in the South France and where I sometimes collapse.

If my analysis is good, I’ll know by the end of this article what I need to be happy! 🙂


🙂 1 🙂 2 🙂 3 🙂 4 🙂 5 South France 🙂 and 😦
Date April     2013 August 2013 October 2013 November 2013 March  2014 January 2014
Place Tunis, Tunisia Rome,   Italy  Indonesia  Singapore Paris, France  Marseille France
Weather  Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny and cloudy Sunny and cold
      ♡  Single Single Single Single Single Single
$ Situation  Average Not great Good Stable Not great Not great
1st Pro Activity Interpreting None Interpreting Looking   for a job Interpreting Looking  for jobs
2nd Pro Activity  None None None Full-time triathlon trg None motivational speaking
Computer work  Few Very few Very few Few Very few A lot
Sport  None Run 4x/week Triathlon 4x/week Triathlon 15x/week None Injured
Public speaking None None None 1x/month 2x/week 2/month
Social life Rich Poor Riche Very pleasant Rich Poor
Diet  Usual Usual Usual Usual Usual Vegan
Spiritual  All-out in the event Rest and work on myself  All-out in the event Living the dream All-out in the event + trying to enjoy each moment Trying to be the most productive I can be.
2014-03-28 13.54.34

According to my contract, it is forbidden to share the content of the conference I interpreted. However, I am allowed to share the view from the former office of Napoleon.

Analysis :

  • I can be happy:
    • never mind my geographic location.
    • never mind who I live with.
    • never mind my financial situation.
    • never mind my relationship status.
    • never mind my diet.
  • I am the happiest:
    • during spring, summer and fall.
    • when the weather is sunny and warm.
    • when I am all-out into an interpreting mission or triathlon training.
    • when I am away from my computer.
    • when my social life is rich.
    • when I work on my spiritual side.


Sooner or later, I have to live in a country where the weather is sunny and warm throughout the year (Singapore…) or live for 6 months in the Northern hemisphere, 6 months in the Southern hemisphere (Japan and New-Zealand?)

Sports, foreign languages, interpreting and public speaking are exercises I love, activities that make my happy. If I am injured, I must enjoy this time to write speeches and train my interpreting skills. If I am not scheduled to work on a conference, then I should enjoy this moment to train as much as I want.

I must develop a way to work without a computer. Write with a pen and a note pad.

I must have a rich social life. See my friends, meet new persons. Reach out. Contact.

Read more to keep on developing my spiritual self.

2014-03-20 18.38.12

The pyramid next by the Louvres museum.

You know I always finish my posts with “be the highest version of yourself’…so I have to share a story with you.

There are two types of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting:
    • You are in a booth, in the back of a lecture hall. Nobody sees you and in somehow, you feel “protected”. You wear headsets and you have a mic in front of you. For example, I can hear the speaker speak in English in my headset and at the same time, I speak in French on the mic. Simultaneous interpreting is what I most often do.
  • Consecutive interpreting:
    •  You are next to the speaker and while he speaks English (or any other language), you takes notes. As soon as he or she is done, the floor is yours and you speak in French to the audience. This exercise can be scary because first, the note-taking technic is quite an art. Secondly, consecutive interpreting is like public speaking and therefore you are “naked”, in front of the audience. Consecutive interpreting assignments are more seldom.

The finishing touch of this week’s conference was a graduation ceremony in the former office of Napoleon, which is now the office of the Director of the Paris Military School. On the morning of that ceremony, my interpreting colleagues told me: “Nah, nah, I’m tellin’ ya, I’m not doin’ this consecutive thing”.

Minutes before the ceremony, I ask the project manager if they actually need an interpreter for this short moment. She answers: “Yeah, yeah, there must be someone”.

And there without a moment of hesitation, I went to my backpack to take my note-pad and my pen. Then, I walk towards the School’s Director who is nothing less than a General. He sees me, take a step to the side and salutes me. He starts his speech. I take notes. I interpret. In front of me, nothing but colonels and generals.

5 minutes later, the speech and my translation are over. I killed it. I am so proud of me. I feel like I am on top of the world.

I am not sure but I think a lot of people believe I am not afraid, that I am lucky not to be shy…stuff like that.

The truth is that I am afraid every day, 5-10 times a day, just like you. But each time, I ask myself this question, I mean I really do. I ask myself: “What would the highest version of Gregory Berge do in that situation?”

In my mind and in my heart, there is not a single doubt…not one single doubt that the highest version of Gregory Berge would step up and interpret a speech in such context. Not a single doubt. And this is why I may look fearless.

Sometimes yes I hesitate, sometimes I pay attention to my fear, sometimes I say “no” to opportunities. But when I do, it’s the small Gregory Berge in action, the kid version of Gregory Berge.

What would the man version of Gregory Berge do? When I ask myself this, every thing becomesh clear.

What is the highest version of yourself going to do this upcoming week?

Today, I am flying to Casablanca aka the White House 😉 in Morocco for another exciting interpreting mission. Next week-end, there is also the regional round of the public speaking championship.

This week again, show the change to the people around you, be the best athlete you can be, come closer to the highest version of yourself and don’t stop doing what you love and what you believe in.


2014-03-28 15.57.56



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