DreamFuel – Week #6.3


DreamFuel…This week’s surprise

World, friends and those of you making the effort to learn English! What’s up? 🙂

6 training sessions this week: 3.1k of swim, 58k of cycling and 15.2k of running. I also restarted strengthening with 4 weekly sessions and a special emphasis on abs and gluteus. As a teenager, I used to do 500 abs a day but I stopped ever since. And seeing how much it burnt this past week, doing some again cannot be a bad decision!

I still feel a little thingy with my heel even though it is quite stable and doesn’t increase as I train longer; so I decided to focus on endurance and building stamina. Speed work-outs? Mmm, not yet.

The dream is alive

This week, I have been contacted by Cortney, a journalist from DreamFuel. This Brooklyn-based company creates donation campaigns for competing athletes to help their dreams come true.

It was an incredible surprise and what you can remember out of this is that when you’re pursuing your dream, life is not all pink and perfect…but little by little, everything comes into place. It’s like a 1 billion pieces puzzle. It will take you 10 years to finish it. The same thing happens when you’re out to conquer your dream. Never mind where you start. As one line from one hip-hop movie says: “It’s not where you from, it’s where you at”. You can start from nothing but little by little, everything will come together: your schedule, your activities, your entourage, your relations, your state of mind, your income, e-very-thing will come together. It’s only been 7 months I since I decided to go all out to achieve this dream but so many things already happened. Can you imagine how far I’ll be with my puzzle in my 7 years? And you, how far can you be with your puzzle in 7 years?

My DreamFuel donation campaign is still being created 🙂 It is so exciting. It should be officially launched within a couple of days. But in the meantime, to thank you for your non-stop encouragements and to inspire you to support the dream again and again, let me offer you a little preview of the campaign. Enjoy!

Triathlon Shopping

Since you know the saying “after the rain comes the sun”, you probably also know this one “I worked hard..now I can spend my money”!

I spent the whole week window-shopping. Wanted: the swimsuit, tri-suit and bike that will make me fly during the June 1st race in London.

I don’t know if it’s a quality or a flaw but when I buy racing gear, one factor is more important than any other. Never mind what the specialist says and never mind the cost.

The most important for me is “If I wear this suit or ride this bike, do I look like a super-hero?”. In other words, am I going to kill the race with that suit? Am I gonna kill the bike course with that ride? That’s what it means!

I found my swimsuit. It’ll be the Fusion from Blue Seventy, my sponsor. blue-seventy-womens-fusion-2012-swimsuit-12015286-0-1352809455000

Regarding the bike, however, things are not settled yet. Cervélo, my sponsor, offers me a 30% discount but when you know the cost of any Cervelo rides, you realize 30% is not that much. So I took my fanciest writing skills out and wrote a love letter to the Europe Manager of Cervelo to try and negotiate a new deal…


The Michael Phelps syndrome

After last week-end’s competition, yes, I am still diagnosed with the Michael Phelps syndrome. That is to say that nervously, I am drained. My physical body seems to be fine but my brain is seemingly running on empty. I tried to rest more than usual this week, take a few 10 hour nights, naps, less work and less concentration efforts…

On Thursday night, I repeated one more time the French speech I will perform at the French nationals in Paris on April 26th. As I got to the meeting, I told everybody: “Hey, what’s up? Me? I’m drained…” 

This meeting’s purpose was for me to hear as many feedbacks as possible from an audience who already heard that speech once.

Positive feedback? “Mmm, well, I got nothing to say, the speech is awesome” 🙂

Negative feedback? “Greg, take some rest, during the intro, you were empty” 😦

I am at a point in my speaking career where most of my stories are very personal. It’s what the audience enjoys most but it’s also what is the most intense for me.

Maybe that’s why I feel dead after all. This week, I was cycling at an easy 120bpm and suddenly I thought about one particularly intense part of my speech. I looked at my heart-rate monitor and my heart was at 135.

I repeat my speeches constantly. When I’m home, everything I climb up the stairs or get into a room, I might just stop and start motivating the wall or the window as if there was 500 people!

Yes, there’s a chance a heart beating at 135, several times a day, is not the most resting option.

The French Nationals will now be in less than 2 weeks but my 2 speeches are ready. All I have to do left is learn them, feel them and rest.

Just like a child, I am going to tell you goodbye with a cute story 🙂

On Monday, I booked my flight for the June 1st London triathlon. On Monday, I also booked my flight for the Public speaking European Championship in Krakow, Poland.

Lastly, on Monday, I also wanted to book my train ticket to go to Paris for the Nationals. The competition will be on the 26th but I wanted to be there on the 24th and chill out a bit.

But there, the online payment didn’t go through. So I re-entered my credit card’s digit but still, it didn’t work!!

This is when I took all the serenity and optimism I have inside of me and thought: “Of course, it doesn’t work! It’s because an agency will call me tomorrow and ask me to interpret a conference in Paris so I will have to go there a few days earlier. Of course, it doesn’t work!”

Do I need to tell you what happened the next day? Is it really necessary? Is it worth me telling you that an agency did call to offer me a job in Paris, for the 3 days just before the Nationals? 😉

Life is just beautifully designed some times 🙂

This week once again, be brave and show the change around you, do what the highest version of yourself would do, be optimistic, be polite, listen to people, smile, change the world.

Heiwa (“Peace” in Japanese).

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