Give up – Week #7.2

Yeah it’s nice to be national champ but what does life look like afterwards…

It was a recovery week with 4 training sessions:

3k – 1h09 50k – 2h16 12k – 1h15 65k – 4h40

This week, for the first time in my life, I…

    • chose something important for me (my triathlon coach) in a matter of seconds. Usually, I compare for weeks.
    • chose to buy a decent bike and save 50% of my money rather than buying the most beautiful bike in the world and saving only 10%.
    • had a scintigraphy (see wednesday)
    • had an appointment with an aromatherapist (see tuesday)

This week, I failed when…

    • once again, I came back from Paris, after a conference and after a public speaking contest, sick and energy-depleted.
    • I tried to leave a voicemail on my sister’s cell, despite my stuffed-up nose and my fiery throat, saying: “Yeah, it’s Greg, call me back”. She called back, screaming: “Damn, don’t ever leave voicemails like this one, I thought someone had died!!!” 😉


2 months ago, when I registered for the London triathlon, I was asked, just like on any other websites, if I wanted to share my story to inspire others. Well, this Monday, the event marketing manager contacted me to say that my story inspired them so much and that they want to launch a campaign called: “If they can do it…” about me and 4 other selected persons. The campaign will be published on the race’s official Facebook page. Looking forward to see that!


I have an appointment with an aromatherapist. I’m thinking that essential oils could be helpful to my heel, which is still a tiny bit troublesome. But as you know, today’s therapists have 1 degree but 3 other specialities! This is why this aromatherapist is also actually a morphopsychologist: specialist in analyzing the shape of your face!

“What can I do for you?”

“It’s my heel”.

And here is the starting point of a 60 minute-conversation about me, the Olympics, the shape of my face, my lips pointing to the right, Japan, my life, my jaw which is more developed on the left, the way I see the world…before he eventually suggests an essential oil and puts 2 acupuncture needles on my ankle and my chest.

The conclusion of this conversation on how to heal my heel and how to go to the Olympics is the following:

  1. I must say goodbye to this ideal and perfect relationship that I imagine still possible with my dad.
  2. Yes I can go to the Olympics…but I need to do it only for myself. Not to please anyone else.


Today, I have an appointment for a scintigraphy. It’s the key exam to diagnose a stress fracture. A product is injected in my arm and I go for a 1st series of scan. I go to the waiting room, eat biscuits and drink tea for 2 hours, in order to let the product spread in my whole body. Then it’s time for a 2nd series of scan. At the end, the doctor comes to me and say: “Well…there isn’t anything specific with your ankle”.

I leave the hospital, reassured, thinking that despite my 36 years of age, my physical body is strong. My body can train 30h a week just like in Singapore, without feeling tired. Despite my 3 knee surgeries, my physical body can go to the Olympics. I am sure of this.

It’s my mental, spiritual…I don’t how to call this part of my body…that needs to improve.

I was in Singapore, training all the time and feeling invincible. I came back to France and BOOM…got injured.

I need to improve mentally. What the aromatherapist told me really resonates inside of me. I remember a line from Les Brown saying: “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do no harm”.

I am at my office, working and feeling some pain in my knees. There I think about my dad. Should I call him? Should I not?

This is when my intuition tells me: “Give up”.

As I hear and feel that word, 50% of the nervous tensions in my body vanish…and so does the pain in my heel.

But these pains come back and I tell myself: “Greg, give up”.

The pains go away. But come back 10 minutes later….“Give up, Greg”


Yeah!! Today, I chose my triathlon coach. It’s Benjamin Sanson, pro French triathlete. One of the world’s best swimmers who already qualified for the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Talking with him was super exciting. He told me about his career, mentioning the name of triathletes he races against and when he started speaking about Michael Phelps…I had sparkles all over my eyes.

So from now on, he’s responsible of all my training. What a relief! No more questions about what I should or should not do. That’s awesome.

He told me something fun I need to share with you!

He said he worked a lot with Bob Sutton, a renown Australian triathlon coach. When he arrived in Australia, he was told: “OK, from now on, you shut up and you listen”.

Then he talks about my training for the next 3 days: a 3k swim, a 50k bike ride and an easy 40′ jog.

I tell him: ” Well…you’re asking me to bike for 50k but the more I recently did was 32k. Am I right to tell you this or is it that kind of situation where I should just shut up and do what you tell me?”

“Yes, that’s what it is…you shut up and you do it” 😉


A local TV channel contacts me. They want to speak about my public speaking national title 🙂 Appointment this next Monday.

Today, for the first time in months, I was able to swim 3k. YES!


9 hour night. 2h16, 50k bike ride. 2h30 nap 🙂


Man, I forgot to share something with you 🙂

When I spoke to the aromatherapist on my desire to make it to the Olympics, he asked me a lot of questions. One of them was: “Who’s on your side? Who encourages you?”

And that’s when your name and the names of everybody in my entourage started running in my head. I started remembering all those great messages I’ve received…so I smiled and told him:

“Everybody. Everybody is on my side” 🙂

Still 42 days until the end of my Dreamfuel campaign, please click here if you want to help me pursue this dream.

Screenshot 2014-05-03 21.54.53

Next week, for the first time in my life, I’ll go to Lausanne, Switzerland to interpret a conference on sports jobs, where the president of Rio 2016, former Olympic athletes and other members from the International Olympic Committee will be present. My intuition tells me that once I am done with my athletic goals, I’ll work for the IOC and I’ll organize the Olympic Games in Marseille 😉 …yeah, something like this.

If you too are pursuing your dream or if you’re still hesitant, here is the most incredible lesson I learnt until today.

When you’re after your dream, if you don’t give up, if you stick around and keep on believing in yourself despite the failures, something crazy happens. Little by little…everything comes together. All the pieces of your puzzle come together in order to help you come closer to your dream.

I started this adventure in September 2013 and on that day, there was only me, a dream, tens of fears and a beloved friend who told me: “How will you handle failure?”

Ever since, there has been this adventure in Singapore, this blog, sponsors, veganism, Dreamfuel, a new team, conferences, my coach, travels, a network of triathletes, my first race, my injury, my public speaking title, finances getting better, hundreds of encouragements…

Never mind what your dream is and never mind what your starting point is…everything will come together.

During the next 7 days, dear hero, be happy. Make people around you smile. Feel serene. Be confident. Be in peace with your inner world. And your outside world too. Open your eyes. Dare to dream. The world is yours.

Heiwa (” Peace ” in Japanese).

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