European Champ – Week #1.3

I told my Coach I deserved a week off since I am the European Champ. Here’s what he told me! 😉

1.3 9.9k – 4h06 131.8k – 5h40 28.8k – 2h42 170.5k – 12h28
1.2 6.5k – 2h53 66.5k – 3h00 25.4k – 2h20 98.4k – 8h13
1.1 10.3k – 3h50 135.7k – 6h20 16.7k – 1h40 162.7k – 11h50

This week, for the first time in my life…:

  • I was the guest of a TV show.
  • I swam 5k in one session.
  • I managed to swim and do flip turns without any nose-clip and without feeling the water going up my nose!
  • I rode my bike for 3hrs.
  • I fixed my bike’s flat tire.
  • I won the “Best Evaluator” ribbon at Toastmasters, my public speaking club.

This week, I failed when…:

  • I couldn’t swim 50m in 45” 😦
  • It took me 24 hours to fully understand how to correctly fix a tire and inflate it 😦
  • I didn’t study any japanese during this week 😦

TV Star

If you miss me, you’re gonna be very happy in a few seconds 🙂 On the other end, if you don’t, you might get an over dose of me very quick! 😉

In fact, here are some recent articles and reports that were published in the media about me recently (it’s all in French. Are you up to the challenge?)

So? Overdose or in Love? 😉

European Champ

It’s now been 8 days since I won that contest and now, yes, I am able to answer the eternal question, the question everyone wonders…

“What does it feel like to be European Champion?”

Back in Krakow, I asked the World Champion if all those efforts and sacrifices to win one contest were really worth it. Is winning one contest really worth all those challenges, that stress and that hard work?

But he told me a joke and didn’t really answer…

Anyway it’s no big deal since now, I have my own answer. I know what I’ll feel when I am World Champion or Olympic Champion in anything.

Here is what happens when you’re the European Champ:

  • Everybody smiles at you, congratulates you, hugs you. It’s great. An avalanche of attention and affection. But it only lasts for a few hours or days.
  • Everybody likes your Facebook status 😉 Not as good as the hugs but still it’s nice. Another avalanche of attention. But this one lasts even shorter.
  • You are invited, considered by the media. That’s pretty funny. It’s an exciting experience. But once again this is short-term reward.
  • People look at you differently. It’s obvious. They look at you as if suddenly, you became an expert. They smile at you. They come closer to you. They come to ask you questions. You represent something new. That’s another dose of attention and honestly, it feels nice. However, I can’t tell you how long this will last. Forever maybe?
  • You feel different. When you win the contest, you don’t feel anything special yet because technically-speaking, it’s just another contest. However, during the next few days, this new title becomes a part of your identity. Suddenly you’re not at the same level anymore. When you walk, when you talk, the way you dress, nothing is the same as before. Now when you do something, you cannot do it at a lesser level than where you are now.
  • Last but not least, you feel something like…how can I say…just like when you’re falling in love. Everything around you is in slow mo. You smile for nothing. You talk less. You close your eyes. If one day, you see me down the street, singing, it means I’m in love. Here, I spent the whole week singing. I am on cloud 9. Of course, the other part of my life is still the same, this title doesn’t change everything but it makes one part of my life beautiful.

“So, my dear Gregory, you’re asking me if winning such contest is worth all those sacrifices?”

“Yes, it’s worth it”. 

“I know sooner or later, after a lot of efforts, you will fall down on your knees and wonder if it’s really really worth it, if a medal, a degree, a trophy, a book, a song, an experience, a relationship, a project, a trip is really gonna have that big of an impact on your life”.

“Yes my friend, it is worth it. Remember. The reward is not the destination…but the person you will become”.

In just 7 days, I’ll be face-to-face with the 1st step of my dream: The London’s ITU triathlon. Until then, find out your dream. Put your heart on the table. Sacrifice the rest. Cry a bunch. Be invincible. Your dream is only waiting for you.


If you wish to support my dream, click here. In advance, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Screenshot 2014-05-25 13.31.45

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