Reward – Week #2.3

It’s now been 3 weeks since I last got in touch with you. An eternity, it seems. So just check out the table below and you’ll quickly see what I’ve been up to ever since I came back from London, 21 days ago.

2.3 15.9k – 5h53 140k – 6h34 13k – 1h 168.9k – 13h27
2.2 13.3k – 5h11 221.4k – 11h33 30.8k – 2h35 265.5k – 19h19
2.1 11.3k – 4h01 245.1k – 10h57 26.4k – 2h18 282.8k – 17h15

When you train this way, “to recover” really becomes the 4th discipline of the triathlon as well as your 2nd everyday priority.


My Coach emails me my training plan either the day before at 8pm or on the same morning at 6am. Each time, when I see what I have to do, I am scared. Either I must go faster or longer than usual. But when they day is over, each of my breath is synonymous with pride, joy…and each line of my body is starting to look like that of a Spartan! 😉

During the last 3 weeks, for the first time of my life… :

  • I reassembled my bike all by myself, like a pro!
  • During an open-water swim, I ended up face to face with a jellyfish.
  • I rode a bike for 5 hours…in the gym!
  • I ate 400 grams of pasta!
  • I’ve been told I look like an Australian.
  • I’ve been told I have an Australian accent!
  • I took some protein powder.
  • I felt so comfortable riding my bike, that I started holding myself to a car.

During the last 3 weeks, I failed when… :

  • I held myself to that car but at the same time, she started moving forward and I lost my balance 😦
  • I was in a cold bath eating some yogurt and my yogurt fell in the water! 😦
  • I chose a water lane with only 4 swimmers…but 4 breast-strokers, kicking me in the ribs 20 times per lap! 😦
  • I saw another runner, waiting at a red light, and told him “Hey what’s up?”. But there he looked at me and froze for 15 seconds, as if completely hypnotized. I then decided to end this torture and said “Relax man, we don’t know each other” 😦
  • A friend I haven’t seen in a long time asked me « what’s new? » and my automatic response was « well, nothing much » 😦
  • My brother asked me to drop a book back at the library. I didn’t do it for 2 days because I was training non-stop. So on the 3rd day, I decided to go there since I only had one work-out. But the library was closed 😦
  • I decided to go see a friend 90′ away from me by subway…on back to back nights (World cup, you know it). Therefore I had 3 hours less to massage my legs, sleep, recover…etc. Two days later, I woke up and started limping which forced me to take 2 days off 😦

You see how much I failed in the last 3 weeks but considering all my training, I deserve a little reward, nah?

But then, how do I reward myself? Which reward do I deserve?

In theory, you’re suppose to reward yourself when you work hard in order to keep you working hard (and maybe make you a little happy, too?).

In principle, that sounds easy.

But how do you reward yourself? Me, I really have a hard time with this. Working hard is easy for me but being nice with me is…I…no….I just don’t know how.

Last year, when I lived in Rome, I used to tell myself, after most of my runs: “Yeah G, you went out for a run, you deserve a burger”.

But in my case, the problem with Mac Donald’s is that it kinda makes me happy right then but afterwards, either I have a stomach ache or I wanna sleep. And in that case, training become everything but exciting. Talking about a reward !

So how do you reward yourself?

Other example: On the evening right after the recent London triathlon, I told myself I deserved a little something original and nice to eat. So I stopped at a local Fish & Chips…and ended up with a stomach full of greesy food…No, no, no, bad reward. Bad!

But recently, I coincidentally discovered 2 rewards I really liked:

  1. I usually take a nap in the afternoon. But most of the time, I feel guilty taking one. But lately, I had a day with a lot of work and training combined. So I decided to wake up at 5. I did everything I had to and at 2pm, I just fell on my bed and thought “Yeah, you deserve that one. Good reward”.
  2. Other good example: I take a cold bath after training. I do it everyday so there’s nothing special. But one day, I had the idea to make myself a giant mug of warm tea to go along. That was a hell of a moment. Now when I drive back from training, that’s all I have on my mind: cold bath and hot tea 🙂

On the evening following my next race, I think I’ll have to plan in advance a dinner in a “nice” place (meaning healthy) or in a vegan restaurant.

To reward yourself fully, I think it’s important to find something you like right on the moment but also something whose effects you will enjoy 24 hours after.

If you see some friends, have a laugh and drink alcohol but have to deal with a throat ache the next day, what is it? Reward or not reward ?

Not easy I know.

Still 7 weeks to go before the Marseille 5150 triathlon. It’s called 5150 because 1.5 (swim) + 40 (bike) + 10 (run) = 51.5

My Dreamfuel campaign is still live until July 14th. If you wish to help me pursue a dream 2014 season, all you gotta do is click here.

Screenshot 2014-06-22 21.01.09Work hard. Take care of your body. Don’t think too much. Do things. Be creative. Smile. Be kind. Help others. Make your dream come true.


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