365 days ago – Week #5.2

Hey there 🙂

It is now 12 days since I came back down from altitude. Then during week #5.1, I agonized for a few days because of tooth ache, trying to sleep at normal hours and wondering where my motivation escaped…

But after brushing my teeth 80 times in 4 days, things came back to normal 🙂 I can speak, breathe with my mouth and eat more than just liquid stuff. Yes!

This week, my motivation and my legs are back on top 🙂


 5.2  6h18 – 16.2k 11h05 – 271k 4h32 – 48k 21h55 – 337k
 5.1  3h12 – 7.8k 2h55 – 69k 3h18 – 32k 9h25 – 109k

I don’t know if it’s my body’s biological rhythm but it’s not the first time I fall sick during the month of August. Twice, I had anemia and it was also in August. I am telling you this because at the very second “September 1st” appeared on my iPhone, everything inside started working again. I made up a strengthening program, a recovery program and even started to study Japanese again. I love summer but maybe my body has its own annual rhythm? Or maybe it’s my body’s way of remembering that September = back to school = you better find some energy somewhere boy!! 😉

Okay, I will stop here because this week, there is a topic I am craving to write about.

This Thursday was September 4th 2014.

Exactly 365 days ago…I mean, no, 366 days ago, on September 3rd 2013, I was…mmm…how can I say that…

366 days ago, I was the shadow of the guy who created this blog. The shadow of the guy who posts pictures of him riding his bike over mountain passes. The shadow of the guy who trains 25 hours a week. The shadow of the guy dreaming of Olympics, Kona, Southern hemisphere and the France National Team…

366 days ago, I worked as a translator and interpreter. That’s what I did. I also already studied Japanese. I was already writing speeches. I wanted to move to Singapore. I thought my future job would be as a motivational speaker and I wasn’t doing any sport at all. But 366 days ago, on that September 3rd, I was scared.

Scared because the next, on September 4th, the International Olympic Committee was to decide which city would be given the organization of the 2020 Olympic Games.

There were 3 candidate cities. Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo.

I am so scared of the result.

Scared because in April 2012, time when I was working as an english teacher in Sapporo, Northern Japan, I had decided. I had taken an irrevocable decision. The kind of decision where there’s no turning back.

Since I wasn’t that happy as a teacher, I had decided to quit my job and become, do the one and only thing I ever dreamt of being:

Become a professional athlete and go to the Olympics

It’s a decision I had taken. Do you get it? It’s not something I said just like that. No one was around me. It’s not something I said to see people’s reaction. It’s something I said because it was burning inside. It was the kind of decision where:

Either you follow your dream. Or you’re gonna die filled with regrets.

Even though I’ve always been in love with sports, I never had the courage to go all the way and chase my dream.

However I am in love with Japan and Tokyo. This why, in April 2012, when I saw that Tokyo was a candidate city to organize the 2020 Olympics, a fire started inside of me. A fire who gives me the strength and the love to do everything I do today.

I often think about the source of my motivation. Recently, I even said to someone: “If the 2020 Games had not been given in Tokyo, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be a triathlete”.

But I am starting to see clearer and clearer.

Japan and the year where I lived in Tokyo (2011) both represent my greatest pride and my most violent failure.

On March 11th 2011, when Japan was hit by an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear meltdown, I wanted to stay in Japan. At least, I wanted to go to Fukushima and help people. But no.

No and no.

I couldn’t and I believe this is where resides my failure. I had to leave the country. It’s like I was expelled.

Yes, this explains why I want to go to the Tokyo Olympics. Return home like a hero, yes you can say that. When I imagine myself during that competition, I always see myself being interviewed by the Japanese TV and I say thank you in Japanese to all the Japanese people who helped, loved me and made me grow. For me, these Olympics represent a lot more than a 1.5k swim, a 40k bike ride and 10k run. A lot more.

Therefore when I took that decision, my whole life starting to revolve around this goal. But only a few months later, I had anemia (yes, it was in August!). It stopped me from training for a month and at the same time I discovered interpreting which is a job I like really much.

So I…gave up and I stopped training…completely. I was thinking that finding a job you like this much is nice enough, no?

Months went by and I am interpreting. Months go by and I’m not training.

Here is why I am so scared of the IOC’s announcement of September 4th.

So scared because imagine…imagine that the Games are given to Tokyo…imagine that 50% of my vision becomes reality…imagine that my dream is on its way but that I am at home, doing nothing.

It’s time for the result and as you know, the 2020 Olympic Games are given to Tokyo.

When I heard that, I was stunned. “Damn, what am I gonna do now?”

If the Games had been awarded to Madrid or Istanbul, I think I would have felt a relief and I could have told myself “Ahhh good, I am going to be able to spend the rest of my life, easy, in my corner…being the shadow of myself”.

It’s only after a few days of doubts, I am relieved again. Because once again, I decided.

If the Games are in Tokyo but I am not, I am going to regret it for ever. There’s no way I can live with that so I decided to go all in.

It’s in such context that I started triathlon, 365 days ago.

365 days ago…365 days ago…

  • I had never trained in a pool. Today, swimming 15k in a week became normal and I wonder if the angle of my thumb when my hand goes through the water is the right one.
  • I rode a mountain bike, wearing tennis shoes. Today, I ride a road bike, with clips, aero bars and I wonder how I can improve my aerodynamism.
  • I hadn’t run for a year. Today, I am about to beat my 10k personal best of when I was 24 and I wonder which exercise I can do to improve my hip extension.
  • I had no coach. Today, I am coached by a professional triathlete who believes in my dream.
  • This blog didn’t exist. Today I wrote 39 posts.
  • A great friend told me: “How will you deal with failure?”. Today, he’s my number one supporter.
  • I was afraid to tell my family about my dream. Today, they argue about who believes in it the most 🙂
  • I had a regular diet. Today, I am vegan and wonder if I really need 1,5g of protein per kilos of bodyweight per day.
  • I was the shadow of myself. Today, I am the most shining version of myself.

Do you realize what I became in just a year? Imagine what I can become in the next 365 days…

Maybe I should give the same energy to the Japanese language…and imagine where I could be in 365 days?

Will I live in Japan? Will be about to marry a Japanese woman? Will I, will I…

And you? Imagine if you give all your energy to the thing you love the most in this world.

Where will you be in 365 days?

A few months ago, a friend asked me how I found my dream.

And speaking with her, we realized that her thing is writing.

So I told her: “Go for it and imagine if in one year I tell you “Oh by the way, congratulations on the publishing of the 3rd part of your novel” 🙂

It reminds me of a beautiful quote:

“Man over estimante what they can do in a day…but under estimante what they can achieve in one life”.

This just makes me canna smille. In 365 days, where will I be? And you, will you still be reading this blog?

Follow your heart. And don’t think too much.


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