:-) November – Transition 2

I’ve now been working with my new coach for a bit more than a month! It’s him and his name is Guy. Another G. Should make a good team 🙂

The second he contacted me, I felt the flame inside of me burning again. Yeah, not that strong, I know. It reminds me of an article which said that by ourselves, we have 30% chances of reaching our goals. But that with a coach, we have 95% chances. How true it is.

So I used that lesson to “go back to school” and try to do something about my study of japanese. Either I will take private or online classes.

I often tell myself: “Okay, this is November 2014. Where were you at in November 2013? Was I this? Was I that?”.

It allows me to assess if I am on the good track or not and to realize that, yeah, I did pretty good this year in triathlon, my interpreting job, my health and my financial situation…but in Japanese, I am still at ground zero 😦

I often thought that my motivation was extra-ordinary and that this was my secret and only thing which will allow me get where I wanna get. Well, the truth is that motivation is very important… but sometimes it’s better to stop thinking you’re invincible and more efficient by yourself.

You may know the saying: “If you wanna go fast, do it alone. If you wanna go farther, do it with someone”.

I think it is time for me to surround myself with all the people who can help me. My motivation took me here. It’s up to you guys to do the rest 🙂

My friend, how relieved I am that I overcame this last month of October. It felt like a black hole and it took me 30 days to go through it. 30 days spent asking myself if I am doing the right session but also if this triathlon thing, this olympic game thingy, well…is that really worth it?

Doubts, I am vulnerable. Take me!

It was a terrible moment. I was still training daily but my mind was elsewhere. Else-where! (and not the kind of place where you wish to spend 2 weeks).

But I made it. How proud I am. Triathlon is hard and going faster than the 24 guys who finished in front of me at the Nationals will be hard as well. But overcoming that voice in my head is the biggest challenge.

When I was, I quit college and told my mom I wanted to spend one year playing basket-ball, all out…and hopefully become a pro. My mom accepted the deal. But 12 months later, even though I improved a lot, I was not at the level of becoming pro. So I stopped playing ball and started thinking about finding a real job. I always thought that my mom’s reaction of letting me chase my dream had been remarkable. However, I always thought that giving up this way after one year had been a mistake.

In 2012, I started running and training very seriously. But after some great improvements, anemia made me look down. This is where doubts came in and told me: “Don’t worry Greg, you can give up now”. It is only a year later that I started triathlon and the adventure that you know. But I regret those 12 months spent in front of my computer, not training.

But in November 2014, no, not this time. I came out of the black hole and I didn’t give up. For the first time in my life, I will know what happens when you do something all out for 2 years! 🙂

Am I going to improve at the same pace as in 2014? Or am I gonna skyrocket in 2015? I don’t know…but I am so looking forward to it.

Recently, I had a chat with my little sister. It’s been a while we didn’t update each other and she cannot believe I almost gave up.

She : “But Greg, you’re the one always talking about following your goals, your true desires, you say that…”

Me : “It’s just hard, you know. It’s just…hard. And when you’re on your own, it’s… “.

Currently, I am listening a lot to “Coulda Woulda Shoulda” from Tobe Nwigwe. At one point during the chorus, it says: “They say struggle makes a butterfly”. I am literally holding on to those words.

A few weeks ago, another miracle of nature happened. My former coach called me! And for 10 minutes, we talked about our work together, why our collaboration suddenly stopped, that I had to keep in mind that my goal is in 6 years and that I am going to have an unbelievable 2015 season. What’s even more miraculous is that he hung up the phone…and called me back 45 seconds later to tell me that he spoke about me to Brett Sutton, his former coach, and to give me 20 more minutes of advice.

Beyond the fact that this cheered me up, I thought it was a miracle because this is the kind of phone call you’re desperately waiting for, hoping that it will ease the pain of what was a painful separation. I would have dreamt for my father or some of my ex’s to give me a similar call. Well, my former coach did it. I am lucky.

Let’s keep our heads high in December!

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