Unreal – January 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to You!

Over here, New Year’s Eve had been LE-GEN-DA-RY! I went with a buddy to a party in Marseille. There were no one but vegans (good start), sign language interpreters (very good start) and deaf people. It was my first time hanging out with deaf people and this experience was unreal. Unreal how much we laughed together. They taught me how to sign “I work as an interpreter in english and french” 🙂 Another thing was unreal: the silence. The silence was silent. I promise. A silence so deep. It feels like the most awkward silence you’ve ever encountered with another hearing person. If you and I were to go in a room. not say a word and isolate ourselves from any outside noise, it would be noisy in comparison!

Oh by the way…did you do your list of goals for 2015? I mean…don’t think you’re going to just read this blog without me provoking you a bit. What do you want this year? No, really, do you know?

My leg injury is a thing of the past and this month, training has been very progressive and very good. Still 8-10 sessions per week for about 10-15 hours of training. We’re on a roll. Next month, I’m off to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands for a one week triathlon camp. It’s gonna rock! I can’t wait. I also pre-registered for this year’s European and World Championship of triathlon. I am just waiting to hear the decision of the Federation.

Well actually, I just checked my emails and the Federation just contacted me! How can I say…well, that’s it, it’s for real. I am qualified for the European Championship in Geneva, in July, and for the World Championship, in Chicago, in September. No, no, not talking about public speaking here. This is triathlon, guys! That thing is burning so hard inside of me that it’s becoming reality. No, no it’s not me fantasising about some crazy goals in a few years. It’s reality. Even if in my head, it’s so unreal. It’s something I’ve dreamt of all my life and it’s about to happen. There is so many people I’d like to thank. It’s unreal. We always tend to believe there are so many jerks on Earth but you know, it’s just not true. So many people helped me and supported me. And so many people are ready to help you and support you. Last but not least, this qualification means that I deserved to wear a blue, white and red tri-suit with “FRANCE” written on it! 🙂 UN-REAL. Love y’all. Thank you.

I’ve been a vegan for a year now. Recently, during a family dinner where 90% of us has a classic diet, they ask me what did I take away from one year of veganism. Here is my answer:

When I eat vegan, I can do ANYTHING I want. No, I don’t magically recover in a few hours. No, I didn’t develop superhuman strength. No, I don’t go 2 minutes faster over 10k. No, no and no. However, I can do ANYTHING I want to do. I can train every day, 3 times a day, 30 hours a week. Here’s what I can do when I am vegan. And when sometimes, I go back to the dark side and to a classic diet, well I am back to classic Greg…that Greg with swing moods, who doesn’t digest super well, who must nap everyday, who has stupid pains and aches for seemingly no reason…that is to say the Greg who CANNOT do ANYTHING he wants. So in 2015, yes, I’ll still talk to you about veganism. Is becoming vegan on your list of goals for 2015?

It’s been 3 weeks now, I even switched to a raw diet. Yes you read right. No pans, no pots. Right now, I only feed myself with vegetable and fruits juices and big salads with twenty-thousand good things in it. Of course, I need to learn recipes. Of course, I need to calculate, adjust and tweak what I eat in order to recover well, not to lose any muscle and still train a lot. But still, as of now, the result is unreal. It’s only been 3 weeks now so I’ll wait a bit more before giving an official statement. But so far, I love it. My legs, my skin, my stomach, when I run, my eyes, my sleep, my weight, my…ok, promise, I’ll tell you more when I know more 🙂

I am still working with my Life Coach and here is this month’s self-discovery! Each time I tell her I did what I said I would do, or that I adopted a new behaviour, or that I succeed in something, she always asks me the same bugging question: “How are you going to celebrate?”

I never know what to answer! Sometimes I’m thinking about booking an extra massage but I tell myself that if I celebrate by booking a massage and putting my finances in the red, it’s no good! So I keep on thinking. This question frustrates me and I tell her: “Phew, I don’t know, to celebrate…I sing and I dance!”

She replies: “Singing and dancing, that’s great!”

I continue: “But wait…it means I am not allowed to dance or sing at any other moment? Must I have something to celebrate to sing or dance??!!”

She finished with: “Well Gregory, this kind of answer is what we call…enlightment”.

Therefore, I’ve been singing and dancing ever since! 🙂

There is another thing I could do to celebrate: Going to the movies. I really love it. This month, I went to see a French movie titled “The Belier family”. It’s the story of a teenage girl. Her parents and brother are deaf, but not her! So she is constantly interpreting and making a link between them and the rest of the world, so you can see that sometimes, she is tired of all that. At high school, she sings in a choir. Her singing sucks but once in a while she can sing one amazing note. One day, her teacher, who at the same time is frustrated by her attitude and dazzled by her potential, comes to her, points his finger towards her chest and says: “Someone is held prisoner inside. It’s time to let her free”.

Is there someone held prisoner inside of you? If so, letting him or her free would be a good thing to write on your list of goals for 2015.

Be amazing again in 2015. I am with you. And never mind what you do, be unreal at it.

PS: This month, another unreal stuff happened. Enjoy.

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