Pandora, New-Zealand

oceanie-nouvelle-zelande-voyage-moto-west-euro-bikesThis dream began 5 years ago, in January 2010.

It’s going to come true in a couple of days.

It’s weird but I don’t realize yet.

This dream fell through my hands so many times that when my family or friends asked me, « Where would you like to live now ? », « Where do you wanna go next ? »

« Damn…I don’t know » is all I could think of.

I failed so many times when I lived in Canada, Japan, Rome and Singapore that now, when I look at a world map, I don’t see any place towards which I could fly. There is no city name making my heart roar.

But all of a sudden, last summer, I received an opportunity to go to New-Zealand and right then…in one second…I remembered all my dreams in relation to that country.


When I speak about triathlon and my olympic dream, people often ask me, « Man, you’re Lucky. I’d like to find my dream, too. How do you fin dit ? »

To find your dream is easy.

You just have to dig inside of you.

Back when you were only a couple seconds old, this dream was already inside of you. You talked about it many times but because of your failures and the way some people made fun of you, you slowly forgot it and buried it deep inside of you.

It’s normal to do this. Imagine how painful it would be if you thought everyday, « Fuck, I wanted to be a ballerina but now I work in a bank ! Fuck ! »

On the other hand, if you burry your dream deep Inside, you can keep going to bank and act as if everything is going as planned.

Me, I had burried New-Zealand deep Inside also.

Me, the interpreter and the guy with an awesome pronounciation, I failed the English test to get the visa.

Many times, I wanted to take this trip but realised that it was impossible.

So I took New-Zealand and burried it. Somewhere cold, inside of me, in order for regrets and dissapointments not tu hurt me again.

Imagine if I had told myself everyday, « Damn, Greg, you wanna live in New-Zealand but you’re in France, living with your mom. What’s wrong with you boy ? »

So just like the girl working at the bank, I tried to do my best and be happy in France, living with my mom.

My dream to become a Professional athlete? I’m not even talking about it. I burried it for 15 years ! Eversince my three ACL surgeries and the beginning of my medical studies in the year 2k, I did everything I could to forget this dream.

Your dream also is burried Inside of you and finding it is easy, you need to dig. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

It’s that simple. It’s not easy at all but it’s that simple.

To fin dit, you just need to create silence around and inside you, listen to what your heart is saying and that’s it.


And you’ll see, your heart will very quickly say, « I wanna be a ballerina ! » or something else. But the trap is that your brain will then say, « No, no, this is not my dream. My dream must be more than that ». Don’t listen to your brain.

Digging Inside of you is painful because as you uncover your dream, all the reasons why your dream didn’t come true yet also come back to the surface.

I know I cry everytime I do this.

When I dig and found my olympic dream, I was at the bottom of the hole, both in my life and Inside of me. So I cried and cried a lot.

During thèse last few years, many times, I’ve been asked, « Why do you smile all the time ? »

I think it comes from the fact that I cried a lot in order to find it as well as my most sincère dreams, inside of me.

If you want to keep going to the bank, please do. There must be a gréât reason if you keep doing so. However, if you too are looking for your dream, tell yourself that finding it is that simple. There is nothing magical. Silence. Heart. Listen. Cry. Period.

My fascination for New-Zealand started in January 2010, right after I saw the movie Avatar.


I was living in Montreal. I was working as an osteopath and doing my best to be happy even though I was severely depressed. I went to see this movie. I came out. Put my hood on. Walked in 20cm of snow and decided.

« I gotta go to New-Zealand ».

Man, I’ve gotta see this movie again.

During the 2h of the movie, with the 3D glasses on, I was dreaming wide awake. I was marveled by the beauty of the images and in my mind, « Beautiful landscape = New-Zealand ».

It all started in January 2010 and it will all come true in december 2015.

I will spend 6 weeks in Auckland and 6 weeks in Wanaka, the triathletes’ paradise, where I will race my first race of the 2016 season.

I am giving you a big hug as well as my courage and strength, whether you want to work at the bank or make your dream come true.

I want to finish by telling you a beautiful story that has nothing to do with NZ because, Thank God, beautiful things also exist elsewhere.

This afternoon, in the Paris subway, I met a Korean girl, who apparently was struggling with the subway map.

I ask her if she needs any help.

I help her with her luggage.

I hop in the right train with her.

She’s all smile.

She wants to give me her name on Facebook.

But she suddenly screams, « My cell phone !!! »

She gets out of the train at lightining speed and grabs a guy by his collar.

I am blocking the door of the train to wait for her.

The guy screams at her that he ain’t got nothing and slaps her forearms so that she lets him go.

But she doesn’t.

I get off the train.

People gather all around us.

But they come to us.

They don’t stay far from us to look at us curiously.

They come to us.

Some guys, whites, arabics ask the guy what he has done.

My « friend » is crying.

Suddenly, she shakes the guy’s jacket again.

And a cell phone falls from the Inside of the jacket !

The guy tried to walk towards the exit.

The other guys call the Police.

5 policeman run to us.

Ask us two questions.

And run after the guy, as fast as if they were in the French national team of triathlon !

My Korean friend is crying but many men and women, around her, comfort her and ask, « Are you ok ? », « Is the phone still working ? »

I take her around her shoulder and rubs her back, just like you would do with a friend in pain.

Then, her tears slowly fall off her face and finally stops.

Then, she smiles again.

I take the next train with her. Get off at her station and explain her how to reach her hôtel.

What I remember from this incident is that there were a true Dream Team of kind people around us.

There are so many kind people in this world.

You are surely one of them so let me give you another power hug.



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