2014-2017 Results

2015 (1st season in the age-group French National team)

Date Place Overall ranking Age group ranking
19 avril Cannes DNF DNF (injury)
6 juin Salagou 58th 12th
12 juillet ETU European Championship, Geneva 316th 45th
26 juillet Marseille 5150 72nd 8th
1 août Alpe d’Huez 230th 25th
19 septembre ITU World Championship, Chicago  56th 56th
4 octobre France Nationals, Nice

2014 (1st season as an age-group triathlete)

Date Place Overall ranking Age-group ranking
June 1st ITU London       372nd      92nd
July 27th 5150 Marseille       160th      23rd
September 28th France Nationals, Nice       140th      25th

It’s in September 2013 that I swam in a pool for the first time and in May 2014 that I bought my first road bike 🙂


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