Book: How to Find your Soul Job

In 2008, I was 30 and my job was killing me.

One day, girlfriend told me: “The day I met you, I thought you were 40!”

It’s 2013, I am 35 and people tell me: “You have a great smile”, “You are 26, right?”, “You look like a rockstar” 🙂

I can’t guarantee it but YES, thanks to the value in this book you might end up looking 13 years younger while getting 5 years older.

How much is your smile worth? How much is feeling young worth to you? What is the worth of feeling the passion beat inside of you everyday?

“How to find your Soul Job” is an inspirational autobiographic tale, designed to revive the fire inside of you, inspire you to run away from a work which is stealing your happiness and help you find the work you were born to do: Your Soul Job.

In this book, you will learn:

  • 14 in-depth questions that will help you find your Soul Job.
  • How I answered them and the emotional growth it required.
  • How to find your inner-genius.
  • How to create your own Soul Job checklist.
  • How to correctly evaluate the positive and negative impact of your current professional situation.
  • How to be inspired in the face of adversity, through my personal story.

A Norwegian friend once told me: “Greg! I need to talk. I need help to find my passion. That’s your thing, right?”

A Singaporean friend once texted me: “Greg! Can you help me find my dream?”

If you’re in the same situation as my friends, just buy the book.


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